Is projectfly down

Is projectfly down

D avid M urden. P3D v 4. PC k 4. Not paid the Bill, then he has, database has been moved, now he is migrating everything. No time given, but it is close. Source: FB. Great, thanks guys. I like projectfly to log all none virtual airline flights. I hope the basic version will still be free. I don't think he should do anything for free to be honest.

It is the reason the project keeps going down. No funds, no service. Simple maths. Well sometimes when you get something for free and like it, you upgrade to the paid version to get the extras if they fit your needs, rings any bells? So how do virtual airlines stay online then? No am not arguing with you to be clear as its a forum. They provided a better service that project file does free version for doing flights, I get gate numbers, routes, weather etc etc.

I use projectfly to just log flights outside my VA, I don't double log and see my landing rates.

[Edited] projectFLY Publishes Status Updates

So a basic projectfly is nice to have but I would find it hard to justify paying for it within the way I use it compared to all the virtual airlines that don't charge a penny for an amazing service. So within the realms of virtual airlines they do work well for an online service.

So " Doesn't work with online services. But all the VA's I use, I see a full report of my flights with all the details I would ever need for free. They even score you on your flight, landing and performance etc.

The problem with Vamsys and any virtual airlines is that you can't fly with any more than the airlines provided. With ProjectFly there is no such restriction and this is the big factor for me. Yes it's great for that, i agree.

is projectfly down

You can fly anywhere in anything. For some thats a huge appeal. It's a great program and making it subscription only, will allow it to be self sustaining. For a similar to a VA experience and no restrictions whatsoever as to what you fly, where you fly etc, do check out air-source.

They've been around for a while and the guys involved are still actively supporting the site. Yes, for free. Tony K. Mine looks like it stops on Dec 16th right when project fly went down.

I was looking to import the rest between then and now. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here.Afternoon - Matt here with an update a very long one. I appreciate that most people take time to enjoy their hobbies during holiday breaks and so taking projectFLY down during this time was, to put it bluntly, a dumb idea.

Trust me, I know this all too well. To continue being blunt, it would appear that I have messed up. I am not opposed to exposing my flaws as a human, as I believe we can all learn from it. You all know the story by now, but alas when it all went pear shaped in July, that entire system was ditched because there was nobody left just myself and Dan.

I came back in September and essentially, with the help of 2 other developer volunteers another Matt and another Mitch not the original Mitchwe continued to develop v4. The issue is, I never put that original system or the planned system in place.

Update from projectFly

We were just developing random, meaningless things with no real end goal in sight and more stupidly, no real plan. This was to generate revenue for projectFLY to self sustain. That was alarm bell number 1 for me. As a result of the successful crowdfunding, I had a few people come forward who were infrastructure experts and combining forces we had a plan going forward to tackle the costs. Once I pulled the plug on pF v3, it took me a solid week to get pF v4 online for the testers to play with.

It was one after the other. There has been some tension behind closed doors in terms of our tester team. Lots of people leaving, one person was even removed due to taking things way too far. The answer: none. So, this is how the immediate future is looking. Firstly, I am going to bring projectFLY v3 back online. This will allow people to continue logging their flights. Thirdly, we are going to do this the right way.

I know finances have been a huge talking point over the past few months for projectFLY. I am going to work on that as an immediate thing. I understand that some people have voiced concern over certain people being removed from projectFLY over the last few weeks unfairly. There definitely have been some deserving bans, but we were maybe too harsh in some cases.

If you want to follow me as an individual, you can do that within the appropriate channels but you will not see me posting like this anymore.Yesterday afternoon European timeprojectFLY's servers went offline which at first appeared to be standard downtime, as confirmed by its owner Matt Davies in their Discord server.

Several hours later, however, it emerged that their host Google had suspended their account and servers over unpaid bills.

He had raised about a third of the funds needed to maintain projectFLY until V4 is ready, but as he is currently unable to afford to pay the bill, projectFLY is down, "to some peoples delight. He went on to say he was funding development out of his pocket for the last four months, which led him to request help from projectFLY's users. Much of what was said after this was about the toxicity and negativity of the community. Moreover, Matt confirmed the service is not dead, and that it will not die.

If it cannot be revived now, then projectFLY will "remain down until v4 is ready. Today meanwhile, sees another post by Matt, again on his Facebook pageinitially praising those who understood the state of the community.

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The moment we hit the full amount, I will pay the bill - very shortly after that the servers will come back online. There shouldn't be much of a delay. Matt continued by describing the fact that industry experts have stepped forward to offer their assistance to make projectFLY less costly, and that we can expect a before and after comparison to gain an insight into why it was so expensive to run.

Finally, Matt addressed subscriptions, and that he understood people are more interested in smaller payments. Users who wish to support Mettar Simulations can do so by donating to their PayPal link.

Alex John. Wednesday, October 16, Aircraft Update. Scenery Release. Plugin Update. We encourage informed discussion and debate - though this can only happen if all commenters remain civil when voicing their opinions. Threshold Store Threshold Forum.In simple terms it is a versatile platform allowing you to give or take as much from your hobby as you would like. Whether you simply wish to fly from point A to point B in your Cessna without any realistic procedures, follow the path of a real Pilot through their training and type rating ready to simulate that daily routine of a Low Cost Carrier Captain or even if you simply want a community of like-minded individuals, then we can provide you the resources for this.

Whatever it is you want from your hobby we hope you will find it in project FLY. At the time of writing, we have just rolled out version 2. Features that we could've only dreamed about less than a year ago are now a reality and we are extremely pleased to be able to provide this to you, the community. Without boring you with an essay-length description of every feature that exists, here is a little insight into what we offer:.

Sandbox mode is the bread and butter of project FLY. If all you want to do is simply pick any aircraft and fly without needing to build up hours on a specific type, then this mode has you covered.

is projectfly down

Tracking and logging your flights would not be possible without the help of an intuitive Booking and Dispatching system to ensure that the flight that you are going to do gets sent correctly to your client. That way, project FLY will be able to track your flight and ensure that those vital hours are saved to your profile!

What would a Flight Simming solution be without a way to interact with those around you! Here on project FLY we have a completely custom built Forum where you have the ability to chat about basically anything that you wish to the other members of the Community. Whether that is an awesome screenshot that you managed to capture climbing out of an interesting airport, or a suggestion that you have which you feel could benefit project FLY greatly, this is a fantastic place to consolidate ideas.

Being stuck on something or finding a bug is never enjoyable which is why we have developed a custom made Support Ticket system for all to use. This system will ensure that all users and those using the contact forms will get a quick response from the relevant department or person. Our main focus is to continue providing as many updates as we can to ensure that project FLY lives for as long as possible and therefore we already have updates planned and in the process of being developed.

Here is a mini list of things you can expect to come in the near future! This is the mode for those diehard realism fans. In this, you will embark on a journey similar to those pursuing a real career in Aviation.

You start at the bottom, working your way towards your PPL. From there, you will have the ability to progress onto your CPL and ATPL before finally going on to your type-rating for that dream aircraft. If you decide you want to jump in your before you have your type rating then fear not! You are free to do so by changing back to Sandbox Mode as all your career progress will be saved and waiting for you to continue when you come back. The Academy will provide you the resources and platform to work towards those virtual achievements within Career.

Community Dispatcher Radar Stratus Support. About Us. So, what is in project FLY At the time of writing, we have just rolled out version 2. Without boring you with an essay-length description of every feature that exists, here is a little insight into what we offer: Sandbox Mode Sandbox mode is the bread and butter of project FLY. Community What would a Flight Simming solution be without a way to interact with those around you! Support Being stuck on something or finding a bug is never enjoyable which is why we have developed a custom made Support Ticket system for all to use.

What is there to come? Career Mode This is the mode for those diehard realism fans. The Academy The Academy will provide you the resources and platform to work towards those virtual achievements within Career. Thank you for your continued interest in project FLY.Matt Davies of projectFly has posted a new statement addressing project status, the projectFLY Focus Groupand the official launch of the Patreon campaign. Please see below for the complete post. More information about projectFLY is available via their website.

The first bit of news — over the next few days, we will be opening up applications for the Focus Group to projectFLY pilots. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform in which members of projectFLY can pledge varying amounts of money each month.

Until recent times, the infrastructure costs were covered primarily by Matt himself, with help from donations and subscription packages purchased through the website.

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Naturally, as much as we can plan for things, as proven in previous times, due to the fact we are all volunteers, our availability can and does change frequently. Our focus right this minute is to create a new and improved Focus Group. This is a necessity as we need a proper way of testing our software — we are, as stated above, very close to finishing this.

Status update, Focus Group, and Patreon campaign – projectFLY

Once the FG has been created, we will then turn our attention to v4. With the help of the FG, we will be pushing out frequent builds for the group to test. Once we are all happy, we will then release v4. I estimate that this process will take approximately 4 — 6 weeks. Having learned from the previous attempt to release v4, we will roll the v4 update out in a significantly different way with an emphasis on zero down time.

We want the process to be as smooth as possible for the end user.

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I know I repeat myself quite a bit but I cannot genuinely thank you all enough for your continued support and patience, especially during the uncertainty that we faced over the Christmas period. I am working to create permanent stability as a primary focus. With your support, I am confident we will be just fine. Things like the Focus Group and the Patreon campaign are just the start of my plans going forward to achieve this.

Thank you for reading — I know people hate long-winded posts. Source: Facebook. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.Since the original post, projectFLY is now back online. Earlier today, at roughly Z, popular community flight tracking and booking tool projectFLY went down. Matt Davies has taken to Facebook with a status update regarding projectFLY and the current situation he and the tool find themselves in. In his post, Matt explains that the current downtime is because the Google account that projectFLY runs on has been suspended.

This is because of an outstanding bill of GBPwhich Matt is currently not able to pay. He was under the expectation that he would have until the end of the month to get this bill paid, which is sadly not the case. Matt has been raising money via his livestream as well as other methods to keep projectFLY up and running. Though small downtime like this may happen, now and in the future, Matt is looking for different ways to keep projectFLY up and running.

What the current downtime means for v4 of projectFLY remains to be seen, though Matt did state that v4 would hopefully become self-sustaining. Matt is currently working on setting up the activation servers on a different hosting platform. This should be done by tomorrow, according to him.

The author Daan. Dutch guy that got lost and now lives in Finland. Flight simmer by day, mobile developer by night.

is projectfly down

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is projectfly down

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